ROI Focus

Many wellness and disease management companies tout predictive modeling ROI.  This all looks pretty on paper, but executives often ask “Are these numbers REAL?”  Many executives would like to see results immediately versus waiting 2-4 years for some health outcomes.   Wellness Jackpot takes a different, more convincing approach.

Our approach helps companies realize SHORT term ROI as well as the longer term savings the others tout. We help our clients identify known, measurable costs that our programs have proven to improve.  Sometimes these costs are outside of health outcomes and health care costs themselves. Example: If you are a manufacturing or service company that has measurable workplace accidents… we include safety in our wellness rewarding criteria. Literally thousands of our clients over the years have been able to quickly measure the direct savings by adding safety. Often this measurable improvement  immediately pays for their entire wellness program several times over. What is it they say? “…Two birds with one stone?”  A focus on absenteeism can also deliver quick measurable ROI data that creates short term bottom line dollars. Of course Wellness Jackpot’s main focus is on driving down health care costs. We often start by identifying the core issues that are specifically causing YOUR health claims. We add these focus areas to your custom wellness portal, and reward engaging, motivating gamecards for participation and improved outcomes. All compliant with HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act.

Nationally, the most recent studies are proving that long term ROI also exists. Keep in mind our program delivers a much stronger incentive system as well as a cleaner less complicated wellness portal which has proven to increase employee engagement.

The IRF (Incentive Research Foundation) study looked at hundreds of wellness programs. The IRF found documented rates of return ranging from 3x to 6x at companies such as Union Pacific and Citibank.

The AJHP (American Journal of Health Promotion) performed an analysis of 56 published studies on work site health promotion programs to determine the true ROI and impact of wellness programs.

They concluded that employers with work site health promotion programs see on average: a 27% reduction in sick leave absenteeism 26% reduction in health costs, and 32% decrease in workers’ compensation and disability claims.

All around wellness program ROI? … For every dollar invested in wellness, employers saw an average savings of $5.81 due to improved employee health and reduced medical claims. Couple these national statistics with our proven superior program and added short term ROI focus… and you have a winner!